• Online Library:
    We have introduced online library facility for scholars. so that they can have notes, books, guidance etc. at their home. It would save lot time and money . We provide extensive notes and mock tests that will well prepare students for their exams and give extra edge to their preparations.


  • PG Facility:
    Keeping in mind the large number of students joining Career Academy, we provide hostel PG facilities for them. PG is available for both Boys and Girls separately.


  • Scholarship/Reward.
    Most of the students of Career Academy receive prizes, scholarships, laptop etc for their brilliant performance and place in merit list.



  • Offline Library:
    We have excellent collection of books/study material at our library to give in depth knowledge about the subject. Lecturers recommend books as per the requirement, level and courses opted by the student. It proves to be real help in the crowd of so many books