Rules and Regulations


  1. The fee is payable in advance. In case of the tution classes, the fee may be paid in monthly instalments as directed by the office.
  2. The fee when paid in instalments must be deposited before 10th of every month (or as directed by the office) after which a fine of Rs. 10\- per day will be charged. In case of default in payment, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. For readmission, the student will be required to pay the arrears along with the re-admission fee of Rs. 50\-.
  3. No part of the fee,once paid, is refundable or transferable except when the admission is not granted.
  4. The method of conducting the course will be decided by the Centre director of the Academy.
  5. Students are advised not to miss the classes without permission of Centre Director. Any student violating this rule may be deprived of the assignment and the test papers of the day.
  6. Students shall observe the discipline and use decent language in communication. In case of indiscipline, or indecent behavior the admission of the student will be cancelled.
  7. The Academy is an independent organization and provide private coaching and tutorials. It has no links with any University/School Board.
  8. The academy reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning reasons.
  9. In all matters decision of the Centre Director will be final.